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Fitted Life is a clothing brand and art campaign motivated through culture. With its roots in the California lifestyle and motor culture, Fitted Life blends its inspirations and curates a collection built upon influential art and design.


The best way to get better at something is to keep pursuing it. In my last quarter at college, I met a professor that taught me to challenge the world with my voice. He encouraged me to pursue my passion and to never let go of my dreams. Even if my studies didn't revolve around my passion for design, I kept those dreams close and waited for the right time to pursue them once again.

That same summer, my cousin from San Diego and I started brainstorming about the future. We were big kids with big ideas. We both shared a passion for design and dreamed about starting our own clothing brand. A year later, we took that dream and turned it into a reality.


With a limited amount of capital and knowledge, we took the risk and launched our first clothing series in 2011. The small 4-piece collection was a huge learning experience as I took on the overall production. Rather than having someone else print my designs, we learned how to screen print and bought all the equipment myself. The trade was expensive, but the knowledge we learned from the process was priceless.

Months through the process we saw ways to refine our shirts. We spotted details that were overlooked and that could have been done better. We're perfectionist in our craft and we wanted our shirts to show that. So in early 2012, we refined production by swapping out details, using new printing methods, and ultimately creating something that we could all be proud of.


Being a military brat, I was never in one spot for too long. I was born on Oahu, Hawaii and from there I started touring parts of the world. From the shores of Hawaii, I shortly moved to California to spend most of my childhood. After soaking up the coastline culture, I eventually spent time along the northern tip of Honshu, Japan. It was there that I found an appeal for Japanese culture and their sharp attention to detail. I took those work ethics and instilled them into my personal projects and even lifestyle.

When I started designing our clothing line, I wanted to create something that retained the fine details of Japanese and good ol' American craftsmanship. It was through that fine concoction of culture that I developed Fitted Life’s diverse and detailed style.


Fascinated by in-house production studios, we wanted to extend that locality into our brand’s products. One of the neat things about our shirts is that they’re produced in California, the place where Fitted Life all began. Through purchasing blanks from Los Angeles and creating the designs in-house, we wanted to keep the locality throughout the entire process. Also by keeping production local we could overlook and fine tune the details while making products that we enjoyed.


From our roots of online journalism, Fitted Life continues to cover music, style, and art from around the globe. We continue to tell stories of our adventures, our interest, and the road to building our brand the way we see it. With staff present in California and abroad, we offer a mix of different cultural backgrounds and a community of like-minded individuals. It is through our voice we share our experiences and connect the world around us thread by thread.


As we look forward, we hope we can continue doing more of what we love. We wish to share our adventures at Fitted Life and inspire others to do more in life and push their own limits. Life is too short to waste on small worries. Design your life, be original, and make every second count. Rock the mindset.